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<FNCA> (Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia)

1.Ministerial Level Meeting

15th Meeting (Video Message from Minister Mr. YAMAGUCHI)

19 Nov. 2014 Sydney, Australia

14th Meeting (Minister Mr. YAMAMOTO was participated)

19 Dec. 2013 Tokyo, Japan

13th Meeting (Vice-Minister Mr. HAKU were participated)

24 Nov. 2012 Jakarta, Indonesia

12th Meeting (Minister Mr. HOSONO and Vice-Minister Mr. NAKATSUKA were participated)

16 Dec. 2011 Tokyo, Japan

11th Meeting (Parliamentary Secretary Mr. WADA was participated)

18 Nov. 2010 Beijing, China

10th Meeting (Deputy Prime Minister Mr. KAN was participated)

16 Dec. 2009 Tokyo, Japan

9th Meeting (Vice-Minister Mr. MASUHARA was participated)

28 Nov. 2008 Manila, Philippine

8th Meeting (Minister Mr. KISHIDA was participated)

18 Dec. 2007 Tokyo, Japan

7th Meeting (Senior Vice-Minister, Mr. Katuei HIRASAWA was participated)

27 Nov. 2006 Kuantan, Malaysia

6th Meeting (Senior Vice-Minister, Mr. Iwao MATSUDA was participated)

01 Dec. 2005 Tokyo, Japan

5th Meeting (Minister, Mr. Yasufumi TANAHASHI was participated)

01 Dec. 2004 Hanoi, Viet Nam

4th Meeting (Minister, Mr. Toshimitsu MOTEGI was participated)

03 Dec. 2003 Okinawa, Japan

3rd Meeting (Minister, Mr. Hiroyuki KOSODA was participated)

31 Oct. 2002 Seoul, Korea

2nd Meeting (Minister, Mr. Koji OMI was participated)

29 Nov. 2001 Tokyo, Japan

1st Meeting (Minister, Mr, Tadamori OHSHIMA, was participated)

13 Nov. 2000 Bangkok, Thailand


2.Coordinators Meeting

15th Meeting

11-12 Mar. 2014 Tokyo, Japan

14th Meeting

11-12 Mar. 2013 Tokyo, Japan

13th Meeting

7-9 Mar. 2012 Fukui, Japan

12th Meeting (Canceled)

15-17 Mar. 2011 Fukui, Japan

11th Meeting

11-12 Mar. 2009 Tokyo, Japan

10th Meeting

11-13 Mar. 2008 Tokyo, Japan

9th Meeting

10-11 Mar. 2008 Tokyo, Japan

8th Meeting

7-9 Feb. 2007 Tokyo, Japan

7th Meeting

1-3 Mar. 2006 Tokyo, Japan

6th Meeting

30 Mar-1 Apr. 2005 Tokyo, Japan

5th Meeting

3-5 Mar. 2004 Tokyo, Japan

4th Meeting

5-7 Mar. 2003 Tokyo, Japan

3rd Meeting

6-8 Mar. 2002 Tokyo, Japan

2nd Meeting

14-16 Mar. 2001 Tokyo, Japan

1st Meeting

7-8 Mar. 2000 Tokyo, Japan


3.Panel Meeting

3) 3rd Phase "Study Panel on Approaches toward Infrastructure Development for Nuclear Power" (2009- )

6th Panel Meeting

26-27 Aug. 2014 Hanoi, Vietnam

5th Panel Meeting

22-23 Aug. 2013 Tokyo, Japan

4th Panel Meeting

26-27 Jul. 2012 Bangkok, Thailand

  • Dr. Akira OMOTO Commissioner, Japan Atomic Energy Commission
    Session II:
    "Accident at TEPCO's Fukushima-Daiichi NPP
    -Current status, lessons learned, and the future of nuclear energy policy in Japan"
  • Dr. Akira OMOTO Commissioner, Japan Atomic Energy Commission
    Session V:
    "Communication of risks associated with nuclear power"
  • FNCA web site (Resolution, Summary etc.)

3rd Panel Meeting

5-6 Jul. 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia

2nd Panel Meeting

1-2 Jul. 2010 Seoul, Republic of Korea

1st Panel Meeting

30-31 Jul. 2009 Tokyo, Japan

2) 2nd Phase Study Panel for Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Energy in Asia" (2007-2008)

2nd Panel Meeting

1-2 Sep. 2008 Tokyo, Japan

1st Panel Meeting

30-31 Oct. 2007 Tokyo, Japan

1) 1st Phase "Role of Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia" (2004-2006)

3rd Panel Meeting

1-2 Nov. 2006 Tsuruga, Japan

2nd Panel Meeting

25-26 Jan. 2006 Tokyo, Japan

1st Panel Meeting

20-21 Oct. 2004 Tokyo, Japan


4.FNCA Projects