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The regular meetings of the Atomic Energy Commission take place every Tuesday. They are held in Central Government Building No.8.
These meetings are open to the public.

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Nearest Subway Station

[Tokyo Metro]

Marunouchi / Chiyoda Line
  Kokkai Gijido Mae Station(M14/C7)
  (5 minutes walk from Exit 3)
Ginza Line
  Tameike Sanno Station(G6)
  10 minutes walk from Exit 8
Namboku Line
  Tameike Sanno Station(N6)
  5 minutes walk from Exit 3,8

Please tell the admission number at the entrance of the Cabinet Office Government Building,then go through the connecting corridor to the Building No.8. Atomic Energy Commission is the 6th floor.

Atomic Energy Commission Room 616(Red Plate)
Secretariat of the Atomic Energy Commission Room 618(Blue Plate)

Atomic Energy Commission

Central Government Building No.8(6F)
1-6-1 NagatachoChiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8914 JAPAN