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New Nuclear Policy-planning Council

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The Atomic Energy Commission decided to initiate efforts to compile a new policy plan within 2005. It therefore established the New Nuclear Policy-planning Council under the Commission to conduct surveys and deliberations on matters necessary in formulating the new program, a well as to draft a new program.

Series of Interim Reports / Summary Reports

29.Sep.2005The 33th materialsminutes(190KB)
16.Sep.2005The 32th materialsminutes(273KB)
28.Jul.2005The 31th materialsminutes(96KB)
15.Jul.2005The 30th materialsminutes(133KB)
30.Jun.2005The 29th materialsminutes(118KB)
7.Jun.2005The 28th materialsminutes(126KB)
24.May.2005The 27th materialsminutes(130KB)
12.May.2005The 26th materialsminutes(131KB)
28.Apr.2005The 25th materialsminutes(189KB)
27.Apr.2005The 24th materialsminutes(137KB)
14.Apr.2005The 23th materialsminutes(130KB)
29.Mar.2005The 22th materialsminutes(128KB)
16.Mar.2005The 21th materialsminutes(144KB)
4.Mar.2005The 20th materialsminutes(131KB)
23.Feb.2005The 19th materialsminutes(102KB)
10.Feb.2005The 18th materialsminutes(137KB)
28.Jan.2005The 17th materialsminutes(613KB)
13.Jan.2005The 16th materialsminutes(152KB)
22.Dec.2004The 15th materialsminutes(128KB)
10.Dec.2004The 14th materialsminutes(139KB)
24.Nov.2004The 13th materialsminutes(132KB)
12.Nov.2004The 12th materialsminutes(289KB)
1.Nov.2004The 11th materialsminutes(132KB)
22.Oct.2004The 10th materialsminutes(174KB)
7.Oct.2004The 9th materialsminutes(195KB)
24.Sep.2004The 8th materialsminutes(181KB)
3.Sep.2004The 7th materialsminutes(83KB)
24.Aug.2004The 6th materialsminutes(71KB)
11.Aug.2004The 5th materialsminutes(78KB)
29.Jul.2004The 4th materialsminutes(103KB)
16.Jul.2004The 3rd materialsminutes(71KB)
8.Jul.2004The 2nd materialsminutes(81KB)
21.Jun.2004The 1st materialsminutes(102KB)