National Policy of Future Nuclear Fusion Research and Development
(Tentative Translation)

- Supplementary Volume -

- Glossary -

26 October 2005

Atomic Energy Commission
Advisory Committee on Nuclear Fusion


Chapter 1
1.1 Role of Fusion Energy on Solving Energy and Environmental Problems
1.2 Significance and Necessity of Fusion R&D in Nuclear Energy Policy

Chapter 2
2.1 Outline

2.2 Experimental Reactor Program

2.3 Fusion Plasma Research

2.4 Fusion Technology Research

2.5 Fusion Reactor System Design

2.6 Safety Research
2.7 Achievements in Academic Fields

2.8 Spin-off Effects on Industry

2.9 Training and Education
2.10 International Collaboration

Chapter 3
3.1 Strategy for Early Realization of Fusion Energy

3.2 Meaning and Positioning of Academic Research on Fusion

3.3 Education and Training, and Sustainable Development of Fusion Basic Technology
3.4 Promotion of International Collaboration
3.5 Balance among various Projects and Check and Review

Chapter 4
4.1 Developmental Research in Tokamak

4.2 Academic Researches in Fusion

4.3 Sharing of Fusion Research and Development
4.4 Promotion of Talented Persons and Massage to Society
4.5 Global Structure of Research and Development and the Road to Utilization
4.6 Check and Review Items and Transition Condition to the Next Phase